It took five years to appeal Celeste's convictions and I waited for justice to be done.  Now, I have compiled these books (Wounded Bird: Includes Letters from Gatesville Prison and Trial by Perjury) with trial testimony, so you can judge for yourself the findings of the jury.
Celeste Beard Johnson's Book
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NEW BOOK - Trial by Perjury - ebook on - This book addresses the misinformation from Celeste Beard Johnson's trial using actual testimony.  It has many obscure facts that were never uncovered by the prosecution and proves lies were told.  Two chapters are available to read before buying the book.  It is very thought provoking! 
      Chapter Five tells how Celeste broke her leg.  Then in Chapter Six when the trial goes before the jury, Celeste is medicated with the tranquilizer, Desyrel and another medication to dull her throbbing pain.  HOW IS A TRIAL FAIR WITH THESE PHYSICAL PROBLEMS?  It was weeks of trial and years of agony with Celeste's leg and foot.
     Chapter Nineteen - Dr. Robert Bayardo, Texas Medical Examiner, testified; "I found bronchopneumonia.  I already told you, that was around three days old.  So that's perfect.  That correlates what I saw with microscopic and with the naked eye.  The blood clots didn't develop until TWO HOURS before his death."
     Steven Beard entered Brackenridge Hospital on 1/19/2000 probably with bronchopneumonia.  1/22/2000 - 5:00 a.m. in the morning it's severe sepsis and gets into organ damage, delirium and confusion.
IS IT POSSIBLE, DO YOU THINK THAT BRONCHOPNEUMONIA, SEPSIS, OR ORGAN DAMAGE PRODUCED THE BLOOD CLOTS?  Steven died on 1/22/2000, because of the natural condition of his body!
     There was NO murder case.  Tracey Tarlton spend 10 years in prison for injury to an elderly person, because she shot Steven Beard!
     Hans Sherrer, Justice Denied wrote an article on "Trial by Perjury" and he sums up the book pretty well. and new webpage


     The prosecution had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt:  1. Capital murder for remuneration.  2. Injury to an elderly person.  Mr. Kuperman, Steven's tax attorney explained the "marital trust" and it was set in stone (irrevocable).  It originated in 1998 long before Tarlton came on the scene.  It is a tax shelter which the IRS required Celeste's name and social security number be on the papers so they could collect income tax on money the fund earned.   Steven gave Celeste 2 houses, her cars, and personal property for her efforts.  THE MARITAL TRUST DOES NOT QUALIFY AS A REASON TO HIRE TARLTON TO SHOOT STEVEN.  The marital trust saved paying the IRS up to 46% in estate taxes and it surely decreased Celeste's luxurious living with Steven.
     Injury to an elderly person is explained in the autopsy.  The Medical Examiner, Dr. Roberto Bayardo testified; "Then I continued to examine the spleen, the kidneys, the pancreas, the adrenal glands.  They were normal for - except for engorgement with blood."  Everclear is 190 proof alcohol and taking 2, 3, or 4 drinks every day for a couple of years certainly did not hurt these organs.  Maybe the young people lied about Steven drinking Everclear.
     Dr. Petty, forensic pathologist, who testified about the slides of the autopsy said; "There is also an area of the lung that shows well in the slides that is an infracted area. -- this infracted or dead area shows that it's been there for a period of time.  I can't tell you, maybe three or four or five, six days.  I can't tell you exactly, but it is a difference sort of thing but indicates that these clots that have gone into his lung have gone over a prolonged period of time.  It's another step in dating how long this has gone on."
     Six days before Steven's death, he was in HealthSouth rehab hospital.  Wanda Jenkins, case manager at HealthSouth testified; "Many times in the hospital he would not do therapy because he didn't feel like it."  Steven was released from HealthSouth because Medicare will not pay unless a person is progressing in their therapy.  HealthSouth said; "When Steven was home, he would be forced to walk," but these clots start in a person's legs and it hurts when you walk.  There were two hospitalizations in September, 1999.  Steven was found unconscious on the floor and next Steven was slumped over at the breakfast table with his eyes unreponsive.  It was other signs of blood clots which passed through Steven's body probably to his lungs.  PHYSICAL EVIDENCE PROVED STEVEN BEARD DIED OF NATURAL CONDITIONS OF HIS BODY WHICH DEVELOPED SINCE THE 1980S.
     The Medical Examiner determined that Steven Beard died of a Pulmonary Embolism, Steven's shotgun wound was mostly healed.

     Tarlton shot Steven Beard with her shotgun.  A Franchi 20-guage semi-automatic shotgun with her name engraved on a plate permanently attached to the gun,
    We know the shell was loaded with #8 stainless steel pellets because many were removed in the autopsy.  Tarlton shot into the fat part of the stomach, so she clearly intended to stop Steven and Celeste from making their European trip but did not intend to kill Steven or she would have aimed at a vital organ or used a bigger pellet.  #8 is small and used to kill doves.
     After the shooting Tarlton took her shotgun home and placed it back in her closet.  The shotgun was picked up by the police the day of the shooting without a warrant in hand which caused Tarlton's attorney to fight the admission of it as evidence.  It passed the ballistic test for the gun used in shooting Steven and Tarlton was arrested for injury to an elderly person.  Two years later Tarlton involved Celeste in her crime, making a deal for twenty years in prison.

Mr. DeGuerin told the jury:  "Corroboration has to be evidence that Celeste was involved in the shooting.  And it's a very big distinction.
     The state brought evidence to show that Celeste was a bad person.  We spent a lot of time on that.  The state brought evidence it was believed there was contact between Celeste and Tracey.  That doesn't corroborate that Celeste participated in the shooting.  Or that Celeste and Tracey had a sexual relationship, and that does not support that Celeste participated in the shooting."  Celeste said; "NO" to Tarlton on August 25, 1999, August 28, 1999, and August 29, 1999.  NO MEANS NO in any language.  Celeste no longer wanted to be friends with Tarlton and there was no contact with her after that.  All telephone calls were screened for Celeste.  Even Celeste's mother and sister were prevented from talking to her during this time.
    Everclear, sleeping pills, plastic bag, botulism, and Ecstasy were presented in the trial.  THEY ARE ALL LIES - NO ONE CAN DRINK 190 PROOF EVERCLEAR FOR FOUR YEARS WITHOUT AFFECTING THEIR PANCREAS, SPLEEN, OR KIDNEYS.  There was no evidence that the plastic bag, botulism, and Ecstasy ever happened.

     "FROM THE BIG HOUSE TO YOUR HOUSE" has two hundred easy to prepare and tasty recipes for meals, snacks and desserts.  Written by six women imprisoned in Texas, the recipes can be made from basic items a prisoner can purchase from their commissary, or people on the outside can purchase from a convenience or grocery store.
     This book is the result of the women's cooking experiences while confined at the Mountain View Unit, a woman's prison in Gatesville, Texas.  The six women are Ceyma Bina, Tina Cornelius, Barbara Holder, Celeste Johnson, Trenda Kemmerer, and Louanne Larson.
     All proceeds are donated to the Justice Institution/Justice Denied by these six women to help the innocent people incarcerated in prisons around the United States.  Soon you will be able to purchase the book from and

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